“Byg Brewski” Asia’s Biggest Microbrewery Inspired By The Legend Of The Norse! – ELITE Magazine India

ELITE Magazine India Review’s Byg Brewski – Bangalore’s Most Renowned Microbrewery.
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Scandinavian mythology is bejeweled with intriguing characters aplenty.  Add to it the history of the mighty Vikings. The narrative is a legend in itself. While the stupendous life of the Vikings has so much to offer, it’s the inspiration for a microbrewery that took us by surprise.©️ÉLITE Magazine India

Riding high on the trend of the rising number of microbreweries in the country, Byg Brewski represents the magnum opus of the pub culture. While its 65,000 sq feet Hennur branch is claimed to be the biggest brewpub in Asia, its Sarjapur branch is making waves among the city’s beer lovers, thereby bringing home the title of the city’s ‘Best Microbrewery’.©️ÉLITE Magazine India

It’s a no brainer that Byg Brewski Brewing Company does justice to its name and theme. It serves 16 different types of home brews curated by globally acclaimed master brewer Martin Bernand in an ambience glorified by a charm that is the ruins.©️ÉLITE Magazine India

We were awestruck by the magnanimity, which dwarfs your presence while keeping your comfort intact. The super talented architect of Asia’s biggest brewpub, Soumitro Ghosh, said, “The place completely underplays itself as a ‘have been around’ kind of ambience that is unpretentious and easy to be with, over and over. Byg Brewski is designed as an oasis in the non-descript urban sprawl, a place where memories of happy moments shall have image.”©️ÉLITE Magazine India

We completely agree with Soumitro that the place showcases a have been around’ kind of ambience. Perhaps, this stems from the undertone of its rustic design, which espouses the appeal of reclaimed ruins. Ajay Gowda, Managing Director at Byg Brewski Brewing Company, who explained the reason behind the design of the place, said, “We didn’t want to take the overdone rustic route, so we wanted the feel of a ruin, around which the space is reclaimed and created which we believe can be timeless.”©️ÉLITE Magazine India

There isn’t a speck of doubt that the brewpub is all about the brew charm but, its extended prowess of gastronomy is equally appreciable. It’s a food paradise, which serves more than 200 recipes from various international cuisines. Chef Sabyasachi Gorai, at the helm of culinary affairs, is a man who knows his craft well. A state-of-the-art kitchen well equipped with a large wood fire pizza oven, in-house patisserie and a Spanish charcoal oven accentuate the flavours of the culinary delights dished out. The brewpub also boasts of a ‘Proudly Karnatik’ section, which has numerous local delicacies cooked through slow braising so that the original taste remains as such.When it comes to the finest brews in the world, Byg Brewski Brewing Company is the ideal destination.©️ÉLITE Magazine India

Martin Bernard, who is already a global brew wizard has done justice to his job. The place became the first to introduce Cryo Citra Wit in India with in-depth yeast research whereas Tripel and Rauchbier have already become the talk of the town. There is also ample surprise for cocktail lovers at Byg Brewski.©️ÉLITE Magazine India

Headed by mixologist Karthik Kumar, it serves the finest cocktails infused with finest herbs, spices and other natural ingredients. The drinks experience further gets a push with the unique ice vault which without diluting the essence of spirits, boosts the overall experience.Byg Brewski Brewing Company is a rejuvenating escape, free from the hustle and bustle of city life. Whether it is spending quality time with loved ones or engaging with associates Byg Brewski will not let you down by an inch.©️ÉLITE Magazine India

Note: For an elaborate review of Byg Brewski do grab Elite’s print edition in the month of August.

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