FriedeModin Perfumes London Curates A Special Fragrance For ELITE Nightlife Awards’ 18 – ELITE Magazine India

News Alert – FriedeModin Perfumes London By Famous Celebrity Luxury Perfumer Nina Friede is Creating A Unique Fragrance Specially Curated For ÉLITE Magazine India’s – ELITE Nightlife Awards 2018 Which is scheduled to be held on the 11th of August at The Burj-Al-Arab, Dubai.

Notes of the fragrance are Inspired by the various aromas of traditional Indian herbs & spices used in Indian Cuisine & their personal love for the flavour of Indian Food. Luxury Perfumer Nina Friede is Curating A Special Fragrance for the biggest food & nightlife event of India which honours the people behind the best of Indian Food from all around the World & India, “ELITE Nightlife Awards”. The awards are hosted by India’s Biggest luxury publication “ELITE Magazine” which caters to India’s fast growing luxury market.

Nina Friede

Nina’s idea was to design a special fragrance that is truly & distinctly Indian & yet strikes a perfect balance between India & the unique location of the event “The Burj-Al-Arab Dubai“. After the curation of the fragrance, a special crystal vial will be added in the invitation which would be sent out to over 200 distinguished guest from all around the world. Even the Invitation is being specially designed by India’s Most Celebrated Invitation Designer – Ravish Kapoor. Hence each invitee would receive the special bottle of this unique fragrance for his or her personal use. This would also Mark the Importance & Significance of the invitee for his or her presence, for this prestigious evening.

On the day of the event, the air-conditioning will spread the beautiful fragrance all around the 27th Floor Of The Royal Al Falak Ballroom At the Burj-Al-Arab. Marking a distinct relation of the invitation to the event. This would also set a special mood for the beautiful award evening set to be held on the 11th of August 2018.

About Friedemodin

Friedemodin is a London based perfume house founded by entrepreneur Nina Friede. She has always been influenced by the incredible ability a scent has in evoking vivid memories, whether it be from childhood or from adult life.

Together with Thomas Fontaine an independent perfumer, founder of the creating company Pallida and the nose behind Jean Patou, Lubin and other ne fragrances. He graduated from the prestigious school ISIPCA at Versailles. Fine dinning and history are sources of inspiration for this archeologist of Perfumery.

Thomas Fontaine is the preferred selected in-house perfumer for Friedemodin working very closely with Nina to create contemporary and innovative new accords to capture the moments ofeach collection.

About Their Location

You Can Find “Friedemodin Perfumes Store” at the Harvey Nichols Flagship KnightsBridge Store London, United Kingdom & Also Perfumery & Co. At Fashion Avenue in Dubai Mall.

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