ELITE Magazine Reviews Pune’s Newest & Biggest Party Place: URBO

The cosmopolitan appeal and high livability index makes Pune the new party capital of India. The city hosts party animals in zeal. We have witnessed nightlife at the finest restobars, pubs, cafes, and clubs, across India.

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Truly speaking, it’s nowhere close to our experience of Pune when we got a chance to review URBO, which is a standalone vegan/vegetarian restaurant bar attracting party, food and booze lovers in large numbers and, has become the talk of the town.

URBO is located in Baner which is a sprawling urban suburb of the city.

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Spread across a humungous area of 18,000 square feet, the resto bar showcases a quirky and spellbinding ambience and décor. It’s interesting to note that the name URBO stands for its four unique sections.

U meansUltimate Dine

R meansReverb Lounge

B meansBespoke Deck

O meansOpen Street

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We started our review from the Reverb Lounge which is considered as the heart of the resto bar. The décor comprises of wooden, metallic and brick work giving it a modern raw appeal. It has a well defined stage which has been a host to live acts and performances by top notch artists. The ideally located standing bar accentuates the mood of party aficionados who can mingle under the hue of gleaming lights.

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An hour had passed by and, the place got jam packed. Such is the popularity of URBO that is draws party lovers from the farthest parts of the city. Now we moved towards Open Street which is very much like its name. It draws inspiration from open street eateries of Europe. The place is adorned with evenly spaced seating and mast lamps which would give you loads of cherishing memories under the open sky.

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What makes URBO quite popular among the young and old is its versatility. It caters to different needs of the customers with finesse. While the young and vivacious ones can party hard making noise there is a section where you can bond in private with your family or friends. Yes, we are talking about the Bespoke Deck which is private place encompassing nicely laid brown leather sofas complementing the wooden and metallic décor. Being a perfect mix of comfort and fun the place is ideal for those who want a personal party space of their own.

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Until now, we were heavily exhausted and wanted to have the best of gastronomical experience. So, we headed towards the Ultimate Dining, where the ambience synchronizes with rest of the place and can accommodate 120 people at a time.

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We were gobsmacked to check the vast menu which comprises of cuisines from across the world including Mediterranean, Italian, Lebanese, Pan Asian, South American and of course Indian. We ordered URBO Caesar Salad which is an ensemble of juicy lettuce leaves folded in garlic olive mayo dressing. The classic Margherita Pizza is a must try for its authenticity whereas Amritsari Kulche Chole stands for it true desi tinge. In desserts we loved the chocolate brownies evasion for its richness. The drinks had different and interesting options. Floating Heart- Spanish Red Wine Cocktail infused with herbs, plants and fruit was highly enticing.

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Conclusion: Our review at URBO left us craving for it – MORE and, we will surely hit the place next time. The resto bar has numerous elements of surprise which makes you really fall in love with the place. The ambience and décor has an intoxicating appeal to it. It banishes stress and infuses an adrenaline rush. It seems that the vegetarian delicacies are made in the magical cauldrons where culinary skills are shown at their best. The place is segmented into four different sections as per different choices makes it a perfect getaway for both the young and old. URBO on our review meter gets five glittering stars and is highly recommended for the people in Pune and outside.    


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