Can’t Get Over Your Unforgettable Vacations In London; We Suggest You Visit “LONDON TAXI” At Kamla Mills To Rekindle Your Memories – ELITE Magazine India

Mumbaikars, who can’t get over their unforgettable summer vacations in London, have something really great in the city of Mumbai, which will rekindle their London memories. Yes, London Taxi the unique gastro pub in Kamla Mills (Lower Parel) – party hotspot of Mumbai, exhibits pure LONDON VIBES. Moreover, this British themed restaurant has much to offer in form of finest cocktails and lip smacking delicacies curated by expert beverage mixologist and chef.

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The night life in tinsel town still towers over the rest of the country, and we knew London Taxi is one perfect place to experience it in full swing. We couldn’t lock our temptation for long and reached the place on the Saturday night. The three floor building standing at the corner of Kamla Mills instantly caught our attention due to the unique artwork it reflected.

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London Taxi is co-owned by renowned ad filmmakers Sanjay Shetty, Vivek Das Chaudhary and Ricky Singh, with Dhaval Udeshi as the Managing Director. Spread across an extensive area of 6000, square feet the gastro pub has a captivating ambience encompassing a bar inspired from Austin grill, a Sherlock wall, ceiling pipes inspired from London underground and a lot more which gives a striking glimpse of the English capital. In times when theme based restaurants are in vogue across Mumbai, London Taxi is the perfect getaway for relishing everything English, while being in India.

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After a walkthrough the length and breadth of the gastro pub we were all set for our gastronomical journey. We ordered the peri peri honey mustard chicken which are tender chicken morsels laced in peri peri honey mustard sauce served along with cabbage chaat masala, tomato chilli jam and mint apple yogurt emulsion. This was the most enticing thing for our palates with intelligent mix of flavours in balanced proportions. Moroccan fish tikka was again a sumptuous affair served along with smoked bell pepper harissa and apple mint yogurt emulsion. Until now, we had inferred that the food at London Taxi was unique found nowhere else, with a tinge of modern interpretations and culinary techniques.

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The credit for such gastronomical excellence goes to award winning chef Nagraj Bhat. He believes that the menu is an extension of his food experiences in London and the Michelin star restaurants that he has worked for -which led him creating dishes like Truffle scented Dark Chocolate caramelized cauliflower soup, Charcoal bao, Tamarind Wasabi glazed chicken wings, beer battered flat-breads and other delights.

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The cocktail wizardry at London Taxi is the much discussed topic among cocktail and booze worshippers. Ami Shroff, the genius beverage mixologist and bartender is the force behind the pub’s bar. Ami also happens to be India’s first female flair bartender who has travelled the world and has grasped priceless experiences.

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The intricate details of the bar are out of this world, from straight spirits infused with natural ingredients to creating in-house made shrubs, tonic water, and hangover- free Cocktails.

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With such a perfect bar which has drinks in galore, we fell for the ones named after popular places in London, one was the Notting Hill –a combo of draught beer, campari and rose sour and another was Abbey Road- a combo of draught beer, Gordon’s gin, lime and ginger-honey. With so much to boast of London Taxi deserves highest grades on our review meter. The place brilliantly welcomes and captivates party people. With such unique hospitality inspired by the city of London, it’s a must for all those who want to freshly experience something truly British or maybe relive the same.

©️ELITE Magazine India

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